Another cosmic insight

Just occurred to me:

Radio Wonderland is trying to blur the distinction between “live” and “the studio”. Each and every time out, it’s always both. (And then gets edited down, in the studio, for audio consumption.)

Somebody comment, please: make me feel important.

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2 Responses to Another cosmic insight

  1. Diane M says:

    Well, Joshua, just my two cents. What you said makes sense in at least two ways: (1) because what you are doing is experimental, so your live performances can always be seen as working in the “studio,” that is, a studio where new things are created; and (2) your work utilizes a lot of electronics and that carries with it a studio-sort-of connotation. (Wow that really doesn’t quite sound like I know what I’m talking about, does it.) Well, like I said, just my thoughts. Hoping to get to one of your shows again sometime soon… the meantime, what is happening with Chad these days?

    • Joshua says:

      That’s a cool angle, that of studio as the experimental lab. And that’s just what it was for electronic music composers, the Beatles, Eno, etc. As for Chad, he’s off doing summer things and I am left holding the administrative bag: updating mailing list, hacking through photoshop…

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