So nice, they said it twice

Last Saturday in Times Square was such a success, I’ve been asked back, to perform at Friday’s free beer bash, with ambient video and dance (not all at the same time).

Friday 17 Nov 2006

Chashama, Times Square
party from 9 ’til ???
Radio Wonderland at around 10pm
video and dance courtesy of multimedia rock band Jigsaw Soul.

112 West 44th St
New York, NY 10001
FREE, as in beer.
And FREE beer.

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Live in Times Square

8pm FREE — invitation only! you MUST RSVP

112 west 44th St, New York, NY 10001
with short film festival presented by multimedia rock band Jigsaw Soul

This invitation only show/festival is expected to be completely reserved in advance, so do RSVP.

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Morning Drive Time #1

RADIO WONDERLAND is no longer a web-cast virgin. “Morning Drive Time #1” (thanks, L Sachs) took apart one of the oldest rock stations in New York City, live.

With a shiny new (used) Windows machine to handle the streaming, the jam put election results against a groove made out of the simple sentiment “9 O’clock, WPLJ New York”.

A melodic riff emerged from tiny pieces cut from some ponderous mainstream male rock vocal track.

A “B” theme highlighted a hyper morning-show host declaring the obvious “They have millions”.

So much live radio wanted to be heard, the Anything Bass and Anything Kick didn’t even come out to play.

At the end I checked the Windows PC to find that after 20minutes, the program had crashed.

See you all next week, or this Saturday at Chashama!

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Live at WARPER!

Folks, I think this will be the most auspicious performance so far in the new life of RADIO WONDERLAND as a band. One man band. Thing. Thingie.

The monthly Warper events at the Delancey are sort of an upbeat offshoot of the laptop performance scene, more focused on beats and one of the organizers is an actual DJ who plays music you can dance to. But they also put on the live-violin-with-interactive-video type of thing, and now, next month, me.

Warper’s website

10pm, Tuesday October 17th, FREE!

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Toy Piano performance

This weekend, that pianistic force of nature, Margaret Leng Tan, will
perform my toy piano piece “You Broke It” at the NY premiere of a new
film about her, SORCERESS OF THE NEW PIANO. Margaret added a
theatrical flourish which calls for a 2nd performer–me–talking.

I don’t write much for acoustic instruments so this is a real honor.
Margaret Leng Tan is a singular figure in new music, fiendishly good,
fiercely meticulous AND a musical intimate of Cage–therefore rather
towering in my book.

A 90-minute documentary film by Evans Chan. (New York premiere screenings)
Pioneer Two Boots Theater
East 3rd Street (off Ave A)
Sat & Sun, September 23 & 24 at 6 pm
preceded by toy piano performance
(Advance ticket purchase recommended)

Toy Piano and Film Screening

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Live at Rocks in Your Head for Conflux

The full-on RW, complete with Shoes, Wheel, Boombox, various gizmos and all the processing goodies set to make you shake your booty to the media mash.

At Rocks In Your Head, the famous record store, newly relocated to Williamsburg,

Saturday Sep 16, 7-8pm.

Rocks in Your Head
133 Roebling Street
Brooklyn 11211

It’s all part of this:
Conflux Festival

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RW / Joshua Fried: Clickable Links!

Joshua Fried home page

Old interview with JF about technology and more

free103point9 Artists

ComposersCollaborative Music Source

Joshua Fried + They Might Be Giants

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Anyone who reads this, Welcome! (Hi, Mom.) Radio Wonderland stands on the edge of a new stage–that is, the time for me to get ON stage and actually perform. The software I’ve been developing since 1999 (in Max/MSP) works. The shoes, wheel, boombox and varous gizmos are up and running. Everything will improve and grow in time, of course, but now is the time for me to USE what I have, learn what it really is, and share with any and all.

So exactly where on this “edge of a new stage” am I– Teetering? Fully over the brink? Don’t ask me. I’m so close to the project I couldn’t begin to answer.

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