Duet! with DAVID FIRST

This is Radio Wonderland’s first-ever musical duet! David First is a virtuoso guitarist, but as a brilliant experimental composer he is more interested in making music than hitting us over the head with prowess. He is famous for his advanced investigations of subtly-tuned drones and the intricate, brutally kinetic rock of his band Notekillers, but I can personally vouch for his ability to funk up the house with rhythm.

We will improvise.

CCi’s Serial Underground
at the Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street, NYC
box office: 212-663-1967

Monday January 8
8:30 pm

RW with David First, guitar
also featuring:

*SPIN 17 with Ed Chang and Motoko Shimizu
*a new string trio by Judd Greenstein of Free Speech Zone Productions
*Jed Distler meditates with the Masters

Note that Cornelia Street Cafe UPSTAIRS is really a full restaurant and rather good.


music charge at the door
$15 music charge PLUS one drink minimum

Special Offer for CCi e-list
if purchased by SUNDAY Jan 7
$10 music charge PLUS one drink minimum

box office: 212-663-1967
All major credit cards accepted

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