2 Free Concerts in June (then back to the Bat Cave)

As the dust settles from the (World's Most Amazing) Album Fund Campaign, I'm updating recording plans, sending more thank-yous, AND…
Performing two NYC shows in June—likely the only RADIO WONDERLAND gigs all summer—and they're both FREE.
RADIO WONDERLAND this coming Sunday at the glorious participatory art festival, FIGMENT, on Governor's Island
Come early for RADIO WONDERLAND, on stage at Colonel's Row (located here).

The current schedule is: 
Sunday June 9, 2013
Come on stage, play the Musical Shoes and Wheel, and see how it all works

12:20pm-12:30pm Break


Countless other amazing, participatory events all over Governor's Island
Take note! This is FIGMENT—anything can happen. Times and spaces can change (how cosmic!). FIGMENT staffers on the island will know the latest.
FIGMENT might be the closest thing NYC has to the famous Burning Man gathering. Burners abound at FIGMENT, except they're (usually) fully dressed, and everyone has to clear the island by 6pm. Not only is FIGMENT free, it is fiercely non-commercial. No corporate banners ring the stage. No ads. No tee-shirts for sale. "We will not substitute consumption for experience." FIGMENT NYC has been named the Best Art Festival in New York by the Village Voice, and BBC Travel writes, "If FIGMENT were a country, it would be the happiest in the world—and I would apply for citizenship immediately."
RADIO WONDERLAND + Hans TammenMonday, June 17th 2013,
opening night for Music with a View 2013 
7pm, Monday June 17th, 2013
Music With A View 
The Flea Theater
41 White Street (2 blocks below Canal, between Broadway & Church)
New York, NY 10013
RADIO WONDERLAND + Hans Tammen (synthesis),
Judy Dunaway,
and a post-show talkback with moderator Rob Schwimmer
Yes, it's FREE, but it might over-reserve in advance. Get tickets here.
My recent duets with Hans have turned out both groove-centered and explosive. Some of our groovier moments were recorded—here.
Music With A View runs through June 30th. It is a splendid new music festival, with fine downtown musicians one rarely sees in such an intimate setting. How do they do it? Must have something to do with the talent, influence and grace of the curator, pianist Kathleen Supové.
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