N.I.M.E. Conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) Club Night

So is that what you call my tools–New Interfaces for Musical Expression, also the name of a conference now in its 7th year? Thankfully it’s not for me to decide and anyway the shoes and wheel are just the link between my performance head and the processing software I worked on all those years. The two ends of that link–me and the algorithms–make it RADIO WONDERLAND. Oh and the radio source material too.

It’s nice to be in a context where the shoes and wheel aren’t bizarre–in fact they’re hardly the weirdest instruments you’ll see on this night, although they might be the most simple and friendly. There will be electronic shoes that are actually wearable (see? so you can stop asking me about tap shoes–it’s been done), guitars as video-game controllers (wait isn’t that old interfaces for non-musical expression?), and (don’t know what but it will be worthy) Grammy-winning Black Rock Coalition- and Living Colour-founding guitar great Vernon Reid with keyboardist Leon Gruenbaum doing something called Greed And Ruen.

New music, new media and electronic whatever conferences are piling on this club night trend and they can be the loosest, most enjoyable parts of such festivals. Here’s the whole line-up.

9pm Friday 8 June 2007
South Paw
125 Fifth Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn
8 pm doors/9 pm show

Duo Improvisations (Bill Hsu, Sean Meehan)
Air Band Rock (Langdon Crawford, Laura Sinnott, William Fastenow)
3001: Massively Multiplayer Musical Instrument (Josh Knowles, Joo Youn Paek)
Augmented Tango Shoes (Laura Sinnott)
Guitariokart! (David Hindman, Evan Drummond)
Three Prominent Figures (Roberto Osorio-Goenaga, Gregory Boland, Nathaniel Weiner)
Meapsoft Chopshop (John Arroyo)
TheAloofWizard (Robert Huott)
Greed and Ruen (Leon Gruenbaum and Vernon Reid)

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