3 Legged Dog

9/29/07 at 3LD Art and Technology Center, 6pm-2am…

80 Greenwich Street (near Rector St., lots of subways nearby)
New York, NY 10006
tel. 212.645.0374

Installations by LEMUR robots, Troika Ranch, 3LD, more. Live DJ. Live Radio Wonderland of course.

FREE! And word has it….free booze.

Something about the inmates taking over the asylum? That’s how I felt about 3 Legged Dog when they started, because it looked like theater techies starting their own theater and doing everything. I can relate, as I believe in seizing the means of production to make art. They’ve turned out to be a vital force in experimental theater and performance, not strictly focused on tech. They’ve been at the center of World Trade Center-area culture, both BEFORE and AFTER. Their new space is amazing, and is a development lab, full of shiny gear and people even shinier (okay, I was a little drunk that night). Radio Wonderland will rock the house. The 3LD parties are amazing–people really turn out, it’s a bit like wandering around a computer art show at the New Museum, only with drinks and dancing and a slightly debauched vibe. This is also where next year I will be creating the theater piece Frequency Hopping with the Hourglass Group, and an all-robot orchestra!

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