Not your aunt and uncle’s lower east side

New Museum Thursday 7 August

Thursday 7 August 2008, I perform in a duo with Todd Merrell for a CD release party. I’m calling it very fun, arty, and indeed way cool: varied groupings of free103point9 transmission artists performing at different locations in the newly-built New Museum on the Bowery. It’s not your aunt and uncle’s Lower East Side anymore….

Aug. 7, 2008: 7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

New Museum
235 Bowery

The $10 admission charge gets you the CD — free!

Join free103point9, in collaboration with Radio Web MACBA, Barbara Held and Pilar Subirá, for a live performance celebrating Radio Action III, an online radio program produced for RWM and the next free103point9 Audio Dispatch CD Release. Radio Action III features 12 five-minute soundworks conceptually tied to the idea of “radio” as an instrument or theme, composed by free103point9 transmission artists working in collaborative teams.

RWM is a radio-phonic project on the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) website that explores the possibilities of the internet and radio as spaces of synthesis and exhibition.

Performances from: Damian Catera, Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S. Davidson, The Dust Dive & Latitude Longitude, Joshua Fried & Todd Merrell, Tianna Kennedy, LoVid with Howard Huang, Tom Roe, and others. Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Radio Action III with admission.

About the Performances
(In performing order.)

A work by Tom Roe & Scanner
Performed by Tom Roe

“deComposition USA”
A work by and performed by Damian Catera

“You Love Me Truly”
A work by Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S. Davidson
Composed and performed by George Positive, Samuel Dishy, Maxwell McDonald, Aaron Reed, and Kevin Smith
Lyrics by Carrie Jacobs Bond

“When radios sleep what dreams may come”
A work by Anna Friz & Tianna Kennedy
Performed by Tianna Kennedy

“Pistol Shrimp”
A work by and performed by Joshua Fried & Todd Merrell

“Ring in the New”
A work by LoVid and Michelle Rosenberg, in collaboration with Howard Huang
Performed by LoVid and Howard Huang

A work by and performed by The Dust Dive & Latitude/Longitude

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