Galapagos – Williamsburg

Radio Wonderland took its baby steps at this great and artsy Williamsburg club. So it seems auspicious to return now with the fully developed (and yet, ever developing) show.

On the last Wednesday of each month, Zach Layton sprinkles modernist fairy dust over the glittering front room at Galapagos. Zach and his fellow musical wizard Nick Hallett will spin the likes of Stockhausen and Cage (and Giorgio Morodor)–sometimes all at once–to set the mood. They call their monthly event Darmstadt-Classics of the Avant-Garde.

Also that night:
The super-sharp audio-visual-conceptual artist Luke DuBois is also an important coder and one of the authors of Jitter. “Luke DuBois uses original software to deconstruct the greatest hits of modern culture, Oscar-winning films and Bilboard Number One hits, into mind bending a/v abstractions.” Sounds simpatico with Radio Wonderland, no?

And Radio Wonderland will rock the house.

Directions to Galapagos

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