Atlanta report: 22-27 March, 2007

A fan grows in Atlanta

Just got word about a blog entry by an associate of the guy who interviewed me for the campus radio station at Georgia Tech in Atlanta! Thanks, Missy Limina!

She took the accompanying pic (above), more on her blog.

Back home I’m many things (and I’ve got to get this out quickly so I can run to the laundromat), but in Atlanta I was a composer, and Radio Wonderland was Radio Wonderland, valued touring act, judging from the approximately 5% of the audience who came to the RW solo at Eyedrum because they had been following my work for years. So who cares if that was just one guy out of only 20 people–we know that the Eyedrum show was a last minute booking on their slow night, because the reason for the trip was my concert piece, HEADSET SEXTET at Georgia Tech, performed by Sonic Generator, mostly players from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. While they were performing John Adams at Symphony Hall, I was being interviewed for the local non-commercial station, GA Tech’s own WREK, by local experimental and electronic music mover, Matt Simpson. On Monday, HEADSET SEXTET hit the stage along with works by Michael Gordon (with whom one loves to share a bill ), Reich (likewise) and others. Once again, a chamber group took on a piece I intended for vocalists. Thanks to them and to Jason Freeman who set it up, we had a full day to work together on the headphone-driven technique. The performance clicked, in my opinion, and the full house gave it a rousing response. My hosts were musicians and delightful, and the phrases “Southern Hospitality”, and also “dangerous cliche”, apply here. They even warned me about the local critic, Pierre Ruhe, who got a an earful from me here. Chime in, why don’t you.

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