It rains not, yet pours

Next week’s 3LD party seems to be kicking off a spate of performances, including a new collaboration with pianist–wait a sec, that’s keyboardist Jed Distler (read about Jed).

Sat 29 Sep 2007 – 3 Legged Dog blow out media jam FREE
Sun 30 Sep 2007 – MonkeyTown with SPLICE — early set, with cool retro-eclectro bands and giant video walls
Sat 13 Oct 2007 – Wave Farm, with free103point9 — come upstate, breathe air and groove to transmission art
Wed 17 Oct 2007 – MonkeyTown with Jed Distler — epic duo in a 90 minute set plus visuals by Mighty Robot AV Squad
Fri 26 Oct 2007 – Tranzducer! — performance series from the ever loving’ robot makers.

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Hip Hop Night at Trash!

Radio Wonderland will be joining an eclectic Hip Hop night in

I’ve been waiting to connect to more DJs and MCs. So this could be big.

9pm (subject to change) Wednesday 1 August 2007
The Trash Bar
256 Grand St. between Driggs and Roebling
Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11211

–open bar from 8 to 9 — with $6 admission–

tentative line-up:

8pm P.Casso P.Casso
9pm Radio Wonderland
10pm DJ Ease DJ Ease
11pm Sankofa Sankofa

Thanks to P.Casso for spotting Radio Wonderland and seeing the Hip Hop
resonance: after all, Hip Hop deconstructs existing pop and has done so
since the beginning.

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Another cosmic insight

Just occurred to me:

Radio Wonderland is trying to blur the distinction between “live” and “the studio”. Each and every time out, it’s always both. (And then gets edited down, in the studio, for audio consumption.)

Somebody comment, please: make me feel important.

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RW at Rubulad, Spring 2007

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more You Tube

Tranzducer 001 is now up on You Tube!
Radio Wonderland at Tranzducer

Live at Tranzducer Pt1 (on You Tube)
Live at Tranzducer Pt2 (on You Tube

Radio Wonderland at Tranzducer

More about Tranzducer at LEMURplex: LEMURplex

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A nice article, and NOT just because it quotes me.

About those great supporters and propagators of Transmission Arts, free103point9:

The Brooklyn Rail article by John McDonald

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Will the real July 4th weekend please stand up?

When July 4th falls on a Wednesday, which weekend is the designated blowout? For some of us, that depends on the boss, and the answer is often “neither.” Don’t think too hard about it, and maybe you’ll be convinced that this all adds up to a good reason to see RADIO WONDERLAND on Saturday the 7th. If you don’t observe U.S. Independence Day, join the club, and see the show anyway.

I’m only doing my patriotic duty even if I’m no more than a mosquito nibbling the flab of some sorry Redcoat. Figuratively of course. I’ll be feeding off of live radio as usual.

10.30PM Saturday 7 July 2007


58 N 3rd St
(btw. Kent & Wythe)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

Admission: $5, $10 minimum

Reservations recommended!

Monkeytown is a classy, unusual venue: a square back room with a performance stage in the center, on which interesting musicians play. Videos are projected on wall-size screens on all 4 walls. And good, fancy food is served–they are a real restaurant with a Chef, Sommelier and Pastry Chef! I am the last act (11:15pm) on Saturday’s electronic night hosted by Mekatronics, an earnest young roving concert series.

Night of Mekatronics
Analog, digital, hybrid, mechanic and visual, machine and software
driven, constructed and deconstructed. A mixture of mechanics,
electronics and computing combined.


Radio Wonderland

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LEMURplex FREE outdoor matinee!

Last-minute booking!

3pm Thursday 21 June 2007
Outside at LEMURplex, Brooklyn, for Make Music NY!
LEMURplex 461 3rd Av, Brooklyn betw 9th & 10th St.

By subway:
Take the F/M/R to 4th Ave. and walk one block down either 9th or 10th St. to 3rd Ave. LEMURplex is on 3rd Ave. between 9th & 10th Sts. Or, take the F/G to Smith & 9th Sts. and walk two blocks up 9th. Cross and then turn right onto 3rd Ave.

Why not make a day of it? Thursday is the first annual Make Music NY festival, with countless free outdoor shows all over the city (for one day, they make it legal). (See, for instance, this event scheduled conveniently at 6: In C)

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A German-language blog ponders Radio Wonderland

Radio Wonderland just got a wee bit more presence in Europe, specifically German-speaking Europe, thanks to Verena Kuni, blogger on things experimental in music, media and art, and creator of the art radio show GUNST. It is my crazy hope that such pebbles in the blogosphere will eventually ripple their way into bigger waves–and plane tickets.

Home Made Labor weblog on RADIO WONDERLAND

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N.I.M.E. Conference (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) Club Night

So is that what you call my tools–New Interfaces for Musical Expression, also the name of a conference now in its 7th year? Thankfully it’s not for me to decide and anyway the shoes and wheel are just the link between my performance head and the processing software I worked on all those years. The two ends of that link–me and the algorithms–make it RADIO WONDERLAND. Oh and the radio source material too.

It’s nice to be in a context where the shoes and wheel aren’t bizarre–in fact they’re hardly the weirdest instruments you’ll see on this night, although they might be the most simple and friendly. There will be electronic shoes that are actually wearable (see? so you can stop asking me about tap shoes–it’s been done), guitars as video-game controllers (wait isn’t that old interfaces for non-musical expression?), and (don’t know what but it will be worthy) Grammy-winning Black Rock Coalition- and Living Colour-founding guitar great Vernon Reid with keyboardist Leon Gruenbaum doing something called Greed And Ruen.

New music, new media and electronic whatever conferences are piling on this club night trend and they can be the loosest, most enjoyable parts of such festivals. Here’s the whole line-up.

9pm Friday 8 June 2007
South Paw
125 Fifth Ave. in Park Slope, Brooklyn
8 pm doors/9 pm show

Duo Improvisations (Bill Hsu, Sean Meehan)
Air Band Rock (Langdon Crawford, Laura Sinnott, William Fastenow)
3001: Massively Multiplayer Musical Instrument (Josh Knowles, Joo Youn Paek)
Augmented Tango Shoes (Laura Sinnott)
Guitariokart! (David Hindman, Evan Drummond)
Three Prominent Figures (Roberto Osorio-Goenaga, Gregory Boland, Nathaniel Weiner)
Meapsoft Chopshop (John Arroyo)
TheAloofWizard (Robert Huott)
Greed and Ruen (Leon Gruenbaum and Vernon Reid)

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Trash Bar — an actual club date! Come and “show your support” as they say…

DJ Mojo, or simply Mojo as he was known then, worked the door at the Pyramid club in the golden years of the ’80s. After about 20 years, I see him again at RUBULAD and find he’s booking two nights a week at Trash Bar in trendy Williamsburg. It’s a true ROCK CLUB complete with video games, ’’truck stop kitsch and dirt cheap food”, and a web page for bands that warns “BANDS ARE REQUIRED TO USE THE HOUSE DRUM KIT UNLESS PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED WITH THE PRODUCTION MANAGER.”…and goes on to say drummers must bring their own seat.

And like CBGBs and other pedigreed venues, this one grades acts on the size of the audience in attendance, so please, consider making THIS your Radio Wonderland pilgrimage of the season. Hey, the drinks are free from 8 to 9, and I go on at 9.

9pm Wednesday 6 June 2007
The Trash Bar
256 Grand St. between Driggs & Roebling
Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11211
$6 * open bar 8-9pm

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There are some very cool parents out there

School Benefit! Along with RADIO WONDERLAND, the great guitarist Marc Ribot and others perform, plus there will be food from local restaurants, a bar, and it all happens at the very wonderful Lower East Side space The Angel Orensanz Foundation.

Schoolapalooza, a benefit for the Children’s Workshop School, a progressive public school located in the East Village.

The Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk St., New York, NY 10002

Info and Directions

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DUET with Todd Reynolds

Composers’s Collaborative Serial Underground

8.30pm Monday 14 May 2007
Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia St. (near 6th Av & W. 4th) * $15

DUET with Todd Reynolds, violin and processing.

With short videos curated by Ken Cro-Ken, members of First Avenue, and a “corporate motivational speaker”!

I knew he was a great violinist when I first noticed him tearing into those mind-bending, grid-shifting Michael Gordon rhythms…next thing I knew Todd Reynolds founded the string quartet Ethel, started composing and all the while has been a Bang On A Can regular.

Know what really turned me on to Todd–made me excited to collaborate? Continue reading

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R u b u l a d

When I moved to Williamsburg, in the heady days of 1989, the all-night warehouse performance installation jams were going strong. Rubulad carries on this spirit as much as a roving party can in the ’00s.

This event is past. But I’ve decided to edit this entry, as Rubulad may not benefit from too much publicity. So I’m removing many of the specifics below.

happenings – performance – art – more.

In the cabaret room:
DJ Shakey and Moldover present Warper: omnidigital DJs + biomorphic musicians.

Radio Wonderland
The Funky Breakbots
The Sperm Whale

Get hip, history-wise

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DUET with Dafna Naphtali

An evening by students and faculty of the Music Technology Program @ NYU

8.30pm Sunday 6 May 2007
Judson Church
55 Washington Sq. South (betw/ Thompson & Sullivan)
donation (Free for NYU students)

DUET with Dafna Naphtali, voice and processing — no radio! I’ll be
slicing and dicing Dafna……..’s voice.

We are both NYU adjuncts. Dafna is a prodigious processor, audio maven
and virtuoso soprano. She performed my solo headphone-driven piece
*Travelogue* years ago!

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The great monthly electronic, processed sound, and DJ centric party. The only event I know where you start with a workshop on audio software and you end up dancing ’til your face falls off. Late last year, they booked a wobbly newborn Radio Wonderland as their “featured performer”, and it felt so good I’m back for more, as a faithful Warper commune denizen.

Tuesday, April 3rd
8 pm – 2am
Radio Wonderland at 10.30pm
168 Delancey (betw. Clinton and Attorney)

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Atlanta report: 22-27 March, 2007

A fan grows in Atlanta

Just got word about a blog entry by an associate of the guy who interviewed me for the campus radio station at Georgia Tech in Atlanta! Thanks, Missy Limina!

She took the accompanying pic (above), more on her blog.

Back home I’m many things (and I’ve got to get this out quickly so I can run to the laundromat), but in Atlanta I was a composer, and Radio Wonderland was Radio Wonderland, valued touring act, judging from the approximately 5% of the audience who came to the RW solo at Eyedrum because they had been following my work for years. Continue reading


Galapagos – Williamsburg

Radio Wonderland took its baby steps at this great and artsy Williamsburg club. So it seems auspicious to return now with the fully developed (and yet, ever developing) show.

On the last Wednesday of each month, Zach Layton sprinkles modernist fairy dust over the glittering front room at Galapagos. Zach and his fellow musical wizard Nick Hallett will spin the likes of Stockhausen and Cage (and Giorgio Morodor)–sometimes all at once–to set the mood. They call their monthly event Darmstadt-Classics of the Avant-Garde.

Also that night:
The super-sharp audio-visual-conceptual artist Luke DuBois is also an important coder and one of the authors of Jitter. “Luke DuBois uses original software to deconstruct the greatest hits of modern culture, Oscar-winning films and Bilboard Number One hits, into mind bending a/v abstractions.” Sounds simpatico with Radio Wonderland, no?

And Radio Wonderland will rock the house.

Directions to Galapagos

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JF on Manhattan cable

Let Them Talk with Paul DeRienzo and Miss Joan Marie Moossy was broadcast live on Tuesday March 27, 2007 from 8-8:30pm in Manhattan on MNN’s channel 56 and on the internet at

This is a radical, informal talk show that only non-commercial media could provide.

You guessed it–special guest is Mr Radio Wonderland, Joshua Fried.

Joshua Fried on Let ‘Em Talk with Paul DeRienzo+Miss Joan Marie Moossy

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Road Trip! Atlanta

Well, plane trip actually.

Radio Wonderland hits Atlanta’s premiere, or maybe only, non-profit experimental multi-arts venue, Eyedrum on Sunday, March 25th at 8pm.

I’ll stay in town to give a lecture and oversee my HEADSET SEXTET, performed by the cool resident cyber-ensemble of Georgia Tech, Sonic Generator.

Links to both events:

Radio Wonderland

Headset Sextet

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Only four months out of the box and RW is ready to rock BAMcafé! This should be a spectacular, multivarious night, and it’s free.

Saturday 24 February 2007, 10pm
Galapagos Art Space presents:
ART JAM at BAMcafé
No cover. No minimum.

The BAMcafé is upstairs from the great BAM opera house and BAM Rose Cinemas, at
30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.
Directions and more are here.

It’s part of BAM’s Brooklyn Next festival, and this night is produced by BAM and the very cool Galapagos venue in Williamsburg.

ART JAM is a music and performance series curated by downtown impresario Earl Dax/scenedowntown. This special Brooklyn Next edition of Dax’s salon will light up BAMcafé with co-host the juggling, fire breathing, and light bulb-eating Jennifer Miller (Circus Amok), and features Joshua Fried’s RADIO WONDERLAND, “crackpot genius” (Village Voice) Dynasty Handbag, the trip-hop classical Bora Yoon, music producer and DJ Bill Coleman with his dance troupes The Daisy Spurs and The Fukerettes, music by DJ Designer Imposter, and visuals by Bec Stupak.

BAMcafé Live:
Every Friday and Saturday night, BAMcafé Live showcases renowned and emerging artists, featuring some of the best jazz, R&B, world beat, pop, and experimental music from Brooklyn and beyond. Now featuring a lounge with furniture provided by West Elm! 8pm opening for bar food and drinks on BAMcafé performance nights. Paninis, salads, snacks, and drinks available at the bar. No table service during BAMcafé Live performances.

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SPARK festival, Minneapolis!


Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, University of Minnesota
Nightlife event at Nomad World Pub
501 Cedar Ave S.
Minneapolis, MN

also at the Spark festival: Morton Subotnik, Richard Devine, Zeitgeist, Zanana, Kristin Norderval, Monique Buzzarté, Pauline Oliveros, Gregory Taylor, R. Luke DuBois, Brad Garton, Richard Dudas, others, plus conference-type things like papers, installations and talks

SPARK festival of Electronic Music and Art

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Another Sunday matinée, in sunny Williamsburg.

Radio Wonderland in a gallery space usually means you can get as close as you want, I can be as weird as I want, and people don’t dance. But you still can dance if you want to.

This event is sponsored by the intrepid transmission arts organization free103point9, dedicated to all things art in wireless, or wireless in art. My performance will rock the sound system, but be ready to don radio headphones for their trademark radio 4×4, with a sound system you wear and control. It all takes place in a cool Williamsburg gallery, and includes a CD release event for The Dust Dive Flash.

free103point9 performances 2 p.m.-6 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 4
Black & White Gallery
483 Driggs Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11211

free103point9’s info link

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You Tube!

January 7th’s kid-friendly matinee performance has been posted to the web for all ages and sizes to view:

Part 1

Part 2

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I wanted to book performances. And now look: a return to LEMURplex, a midwest jaunt, and the inimitable BAM cafe, a place I thought I’d hit in maybe a year. See listings to the right. More in the works, too. I guess it’s true that if you work really hard, there do come….results. Thanks to all, and stay tuned also for Radio Wonderland videos and recordings.

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HERE again

Due to a last-minute cancellation, I have been asked to perform at the beloved HERE Art Center for their annual Culturemart festival (what was supposed to be the grand debut of RADIO WONDERLAND in 2005 before I realized it required another year and a half of work!). The dates are Saturday January 6th with the incredible puppets and dreamy imagination of Kevin Augustine, and Tuesday January 9th with the multi-culti, multi-funny Ex.Pgirl. Both nights at 8:30pm, and tickets and directions are here.

Saturday 6 January and Tuesday 9 January, 8:30pm
HERE Arts Center
45 6th Avenue
(between Spring and Broome)
New York, NY 10013-1548
Entrance on Dominick Street

Come see RW with great lights, great sightlines, great sound, and great staff, who will probably let you dance in the aisles. I’m very pleased to come back HERE.

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Duet! with DAVID FIRST

This is Radio Wonderland’s first-ever musical duet! David First is a virtuoso guitarist, but as a brilliant experimental composer he is more interested in making music than hitting us over the head with prowess. He is famous for his advanced investigations of subtly-tuned drones and the intricate, brutally kinetic rock of his band Notekillers, but I can personally vouch for his ability to funk up the house with rhythm.

We will improvise.

CCi’s Serial Underground
at the Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia Street, NYC
box office: 212-663-1967

Monday January 8
8:30 pm

RW with David First, guitar
also featuring:

*SPIN 17 with Ed Chang and Motoko Shimizu
*a new string trio by Judd Greenstein of Free Speech Zone Productions
*Jed Distler meditates with the Masters

Note that Cornelia Street Cafe UPSTAIRS is really a full restaurant and rather good.


music charge at the door
$15 music charge PLUS one drink minimum

Special Offer for CCi e-list
if purchased by SUNDAY Jan 7
$10 music charge PLUS one drink minimum

box office: 212-663-1967
All major credit cards accepted

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Sunday Matinee at The Flea

A special kid-friendly show, with 2 fascinating other acts, a moderator, and some kind of play time with the gear. Curated by one of the forces of good in new music, pianist Kathleen Supové.

Sunday, January 7 @ 3pm
Music with a View at the Flea presents Family Sunday!

Moderator: Preston Stahly
Nick Didkovsky
Joshua Fried
Ritsu Katsumata

the flea theater
41 white st.
new york, ny 10013
the flea theater is located in Manhattan’s Tribeca district, at 41 White St., between Broadway and Church St., three blocks south of Canal St.



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HERE Arts Center Culturemart!

Due to a last-minute cancellation, I have been asked to perform at the beloved HERE Art Center for their annual Culturemart festival (what was supposed to be the grand debut of RADIO WONDERLAND in 2005 before I realized it required another year and a half of work!). The dates are Saturday January 6th with the incredible puppets and dreamy imagination of Kevin Augustine, and Tuesday January 9th with the multi-culti, multi-funny Ex.Pgirl. Both nights at 8:30pm, and tickets are available here.

Come see RW with great lights, great sightlines, great sound, and great staff, who will probably let you dance in the aisles. I’m very pleased to come back HERE.

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Unisex Salon


3 floors of live performance, visual art,
video, installation, and music

Thursday 28 December 2006
at The Delancey
168 Delancey Street
(just East of Clinton Street)
New York City

Showtime: LATE (doors open at 10pm)

FREE with RSVP to Scene Downtown

Suggested dress: Détourné New Year’s cliches vs. classic Noir.

Also appearing: DJ JOHNNY DYNELL, NEAL MEDLYN, and a command performance by Diva AMBER RAY DOMINATION at midnight, along with opening DJ Tikka Masala. Plus a holiday party for the Motherboards, and reigning Miss LEZ Glenn Marla as “NYC’s Hottest Fat Go-Go.”

And….the great PENNY ARCADE (can you recall when Penny performed in Joshua Fried’s Headfone Follies?) will be auditioning performers for THE PUBLIC THEATER’S 365 PROJECT from 10 PM on. Details and audition information at

Admission is free but you MUST RSVP TO UNISEX SALON website
(email registration NOT required).

Thursday nights get a makeover at UNISEX SALON, a weekly performance + art party thrown by James Coppola and Earl Dax. With help from Lia Gangitano of Participant, Inc. – a gallery on Rivington Street – each week at UNISEX SALON features an eclectic array of performance, art and music that echoes legendary NYC clubs and parties like Squeezebox, The MUDD Club, Jackie 60, etc.

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RADIO WONDERLAND assails the night!

This Thursday, 28 December 2006 will mark RADIO WONDERLAND‘s deepest foray yet into the world of nightclubs where people actually dance and talking during the performance is permitted.

RADIO WONDERLAND is intended to go everywhere , but the idea of an artsy party club with a diverse crowd, who might focus on the stage and listen hard, whilst dancing simultaneously, is of special significance. It is essential to the implicit, never-reached RADIO WONDERLAND ideal, which is a performance of course, not a recording, in which the unpredictable radio challenges our credulity that it’s truly the live broadcast (and it IS; ask people who know RW), the performance meets the challenge with instant intuition and 2nd nature skill, and the whole room comes together.

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Another show, FREE, East Village NYC

Sunday 10 December 2006, 8pm

-SPLICE- NYC’s eclectic electronic Sundays
at Solas
232 E. 9th Street, betw/ 2 & 3rd Aves.
Admission FREE

The plan was to start gigging anywhere, everywhere and maybe the ball would start to roll by itself. And that seems to be happening. The legend is that Dylan made the rounds of tiny folk clubs, coffee houses, informal gatherings. If I squint and throw in the prefix ‘electro’ here and there, I can fancy myself in similar shoes.

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